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The crowd sourced data hub for all after flood precautions
A verified crowd sourced data hub for information regarding all the Do's and don'ts, waste management, personal hygiene and every other aspect which needs to be kept in mind while moving back home after the flood
More on After Flood Team Concise, reliable and shareable infographics for health, environmental and social awareness during the time of rehabilitation after a natural disaster. English, Malayalam, Hindi , Tamil, Kannada, Bangla
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Please do not use Sodium polyacrylate for cleaning flood water Read More:

Health Management

Waste Management

Comprehensive Clean-Up Guide

Safety Management



General Note

Ensure building safety

  • Make sure the building is structurally safe.
  • Look for buckled walls or floors.
  • Watch for holes in the floor, broken glass and other potentially dangerous debris.

Travel with care.

  • Follow recommended routes. DO NOT sightsee.
  • Watch for washed out roads, earth slides, and downed trees or power lines.
  • Stay away from downed power lines.

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