Building non-destructive testing
The most common and easiest method of NDT is visual inspection. A trained eye can easily find out any apparent visual aberrations in a structure.
Be it a crack, a stress mark, a damp spot or an unusual touch up on a surface, when carefully observed, these apparently minute indicators can sing a song to an expert, revealing the health of a building.
The best part of the visual inspection method is that even a novice can, at least, surmise that there is some aberration in the structure.
Unless a building sustains a serious damage due to a natural calamity or due to some unusual incidents, its deterioration often starts from seemingly innocuous damages and assumes monstrous proportions if these tell-tale signs are ignored.
A periodic visual inspection can reveal these defects and can help us in nipping these problems in the bud. But this type of inspection has its own draw backs.
Last modified 2yr ago
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